Who are we?

Who am I?
I’m Rebecca, twenty years old and part time employed, and this is my blog on my very scary journey through my first ever pregnancy. This is somewhere for my every little worry and thought to go, because this is a monumental change in my life, and isn’t going to be easy. Nevertheless, this is an exciting time for me and everyone involved.

Who’s the daddy?
Robert, is nineteen years old (will twenty when bean is due) and works in a kitchen and probably has no idea that I’m even blogging about all of this and him included. He’s half the reason this blog exists and I am lucky enough to have somebody such as him to be so supportive and helpful throughout this whole thing, and everything afterwards.

Who’s the bean?
The little bean, is currently what’s growing inside of me, and is what I’ll be referring to it as for the most part of this whole thing. I say bean, apparently it’s more like the size of a poppy seed at the minute.. that seems like absolutely nothing, like a speck of dust. But it’s there and will get much bigger and seem much realer as time goes on.


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