Week 35+2 – Progress!

Okay, so all the sobbing and stress may have been warranted or it may not have. Perhaps the posts online about the miserable experience at the last growth scans, as well as hating the hospital that one day my daughter will be born in may have been a bit of an over exaggeration.. but I still stand by the fact that they suck an I’ll be glad to be rid of the place. 

THANKFULLY, I have a lovely midwife. She’s supportive and explains everything and you can tell she genuinely loves her job and values what she does, as does everyone under her care I imagine. Why the sudden woman crush? This morning I saw the midwife not really expecting anything other than a routine appointment, however after explaining the hassle with the last scan and how useless I felt the entire experience had been, she had a feel of the baby, measured my uterus and bam, straight on the phone only to get a growth scan in tomorrow. Even better, she’s said it’ll be done by an actual midwife this time and not some crappy sonographer, so hopefully there’ll be a bit better of an experience. 

Ideally, tomorrow we (and by we, I mean I) want all measurements taken, time to see our little girl on the screen and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some pictures of this one, since the twenty week scan pic wasn’t great and I haven’t been offered them at the last ones. FIngers crossed! Although hoping for the best usually results in me getting let down.

Blergh, ramble ramble.

Let’s see how it goes tomorrow. 🙂 


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