Week 22 – Gender, the smallest bump ever and little twitches!


Wow, I’m still so excited about that and we’ve known for about two weeks now, but yep, after a lot of belief that it was actually going to be a boy (I blame everyone else guessing boy, and me hopelessly convincing myself), when the sonographer said girl, I was overjoyed. That moment of finding out, whilst some might say is ruined unless you wait until the birth, was absolute, euphoria. That is a moment I’ve never experienced before, and it was amazing to just hear one little word, because now we know who she is. Okay so we don’t know know, but we know she’s a she and a gorgeous little one she will be. The day we found out absolutely delighted me. Although we didn’t get a good scan picture and baby gave the sonographer a hard time getting all the measurements, we spent more time on this scan and spent the day spending every last penny on buying pink pink pink! 

Other than that, things seem to be progressing well. My bump, for almost being twenty two weeks pregnant, is barely noticeable. People would think I’d had a very large breakfast, or may not even think that at all because I’m still so tiny! I sound like I’m complaining, but I’m sure come the end of this I’ll be longing for feeling this small. Until now I’ll just complain that I’m a little small for my maternity jeans, yet too big for any of my other jeans or trousers, oh that’s fun. 

On top of all of this, I’ve been feeling little kicks and twitches in my belly on and off up till about 20 weeks but barely noticeable and very infrequent. Until the other day, when I’d said I hadn’t felt her in a while, and since then I’ve felt her loads. Little twitches when I’m all curled up and comfy, half asleep (already ruining my sleep I see). That small complaint there is a complete lie, I love every twitch, movement, feeling, whatever. I love it. When she’s being active I like to think she’s really happy in there, doing her best to dance around and play and that fills me with absolute joy. 

I’m at the point in pregnancy now where I just don’t want to forget these feelings because they’re great and I know one day I’ll miss them. The positive feelings, not the negative stressful feelings that are lurking in the background all related to sorting out housing, maternity leave, maternity pay and all sorts (add some fear in here too cause that’s creeping in).. But the feelings of love and adoration to this wonderful, happy, growing little girl that I can’t wait to meet. 

Until next timeeee. 


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