Week 7 – Time to go to London!

So as stated earlier on, I think, I’d mentioned that me and OH were planning a little trip to London, to see family, friends and do all the tourist-y things. Well it felt like that was ages away, and here it is, been and gone. But here’s how it went:


Monday – Travelled down to London, about 5 hours and 15 minutes of driving with multiple stops. Finally arrived at my Aunty Caroline’s and just chilled out for the night, ready for a busy day in London the following day. We actually told them both about being pregnant, and they were absolutely over the moon excited, which was brilliant. 

Tuesday – Ugh, early mornings are already on my hate list. Got the train from Basingstoke to Waterloo, which wasn’t much fun for OH as he hates trains and that was a loooong 45-50 minute journey. Then spent the day in London at the Aquarium which OH loved, seeing Big Ben and the House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, a trip to Camden (WOW) and then back to the London Eye before travelling home. Quite a busy day but Camden was fun (aside from OH being offered drugs)! That night we has chinese food (and by that I mean, I had chips, rice and curry sauce..) with my Aunty Caroline and Uncle Tony which was nice.

Wednesday – HARRY POTTER. THAT’S RIGHT. We went to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour, a big studio in Watford all about the making of Harry Potter with the real sets, costumes and all sorts. It was absolutely amazing, and after drinking a butterbeer (which the thought of just churned my stomach a little), I came back with a deathly hallows keyring, tales of beedle the bard book, the marauders map and a slytherin hoodie – yes, i got my geek on. Possibly my favourite day 🙂 We then went to see my Aunty Vikki, uncle and cousins to tell them the news, who once again, took it VERY well, which again was wonderful and not worth the nerves 🙂 

Thursday – This morning was awful. The first sign of morning sickness. After feeling a little ill, I made a cup of tea (or OH did) and after a few sips thinking Id felt better, I threw up a little. But still – we went back into London. Trains and trains later, we ended up at Madame Tussauds which I’ve always loved, however this time a little less enthusiastically, feeling absolutely rotten. After the first room I was ready to come home. We then trekked back to Camden to get some beaut dr martens Id seen the other day but alas, they did not have them in my size 😦 OH really wanted to go to the Natural History museum too, so we went there and I was feeling even worse by this point and was probably being quite difficult, so we really just rushed around, quickly popped to Harrods and came home from London for the final time. Apparently a carvery that night was the trick to feeling better 🙂 I also got to tell my cousin Keith I was pregnant, who seemed quite shocked but happy. 

Friday – FINALLY, I got to go see Savannah and her boyfriend, my friend since being about ten years old and this was an absolutely massive shock to her. The last time we saw each other we were worried about going into big school and thinking about the six weeks holidays – now she’s talking about a water birth and all the many places that will leak on my body! How.. wonderful. We went for food anyway, we all got on really well (obviously) and hopefully they’ll come stay with us next year when we get our own place! V exciting. 


So. That’s London. This morning I’ve been a little ill again, oh dear. These are probably not the happy moments I’ll look back on, but I keep telling myself it’ll all be worth it. Oh and I also watched my first ever episode of One Born Every Minute last night? That is bloody scary and a bit nerve-wracking.. but very emotional when you see little fingers and toes! That’s all for now anyway, byeee.


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