Week 6+1 – Hello hormones!

This has got to be the most obvious change I’m experiencing right now, an increase of crazy hormones. Or maybe it actually isn’t a change, I somewhat remember being a little bit, okay a lot, of an emotional, easily provoked and unstable person with me usually crying over a simple vine of a kid finally seeing their dad back from the army (that pretty much guarantees tears). OH is actually pretty sure that I’m being crazy and always have been, but he hasn’t got the baby making developing sicky stressy hormones flowing through his body, he;s just on the receiving end of them. 

What makes me think that I’m experiencing this? Lets examine the evidence.

1. The first bout of hormones, was probably a couple days ago when OH came home from work late to me sobbing my heart out thinking about next month’s pay being pretty low, wondering how the hell I could raise a baby on such little money (bearing in mind, earlier that day I was thrilled with the way my finances looked, as they looked pretty promising for the London trip!). He very wonderfully, reassured me that even though I had not considered him in the equation even in the slightest (whoops!), he makes money himself, and will be there to support and provide! Now isn’t he lovely. 

2. Today, after having a lovely night out for a meal and the cinema (don’t get used to those luxuries Rebecca), as we finally arrived home, and pulled up by the house.. ‘Robert will you grab my bag please?’ ‘Where is it, it’s not here.’ I REPEAT, WHERE IS IT. ITS NOT HERE. At this point the last place I remembered seeing it, was hanging up on behind the toilet door, at the cinema some 13 miles away, FANTASTIC. Until, moments later and in a panic might I add, I searched the back seat of my car.. to find my bag. OH just didn’t see it. And BAM, he apologized, looked at me knowing full well  what as about to happen. He knew it, I knew it. I started crying. In relief you might think? No,just out of the sheer fact that this little moment just happened. 

3. Then there’s the general getting irritated at every little thing and everyone, particularly OH, and he know’s, believe me. As well as animals. You ever hear that animals can sort of sense t hat something’s going on with you when you’re pregnant? Well maybe they can, BUT HOW ANNOYING CAN A BLOODY ANIMAL BE. These pets are driving me crazy, and when I leave my house and go to OH’s, his pets drive me crazy. 

Wow, upon reflection I really do sound mental.Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more stress to come, seeing as this time next week we’ll be in London and no doubt these symptoms will be increasing. 



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