Week 5 – And how my life is already changing…

Pregnancy related not a lot is happening. Still next to no symptoms, which I suppose is a blessing. And I say not a lot i really happening, until you read one of those apps that freaks you out telling you little poppy seed is now an ugly little tadpole thing about the size of a sesame seed or apple seed or something, wonderful! Baby’s first growth spurt! That’s a little creepy. This app also works out little tadpole’s star sign, and what characteristics it would typically have as a baby or toddler, and not that I believe them usually, but when fussy eater and sensitive stomach come up, which seem incredibly accurate to what I was like as a baby, well.. you get a bit concerned. 

My life however, has changed dramatically within the last two weeks. First, there’s the obvious finding out I’m pregnant, then telling my parent’s and family and a friend or two (or the fear of telling them, actually them finding out has been much better than expected). But NOW, I’m currently at high priority on a waiting list for a house, and all I’m waiting for is a wonderful little letter through the post to tell me which rubbish form of accommodation they’d like to shack me up in, within this wonderful not so wonderful little village. 

This has got to be one of the hardest decisions I’ve faced so far, whilst also seeming relatively easy at the same time.. that make’s no sense, but my thoughts on this are as follows: 

  • A baby should be raised in a house by it family, a place to call home.
  • A baby is the start of a life, my life and a family ergo, start living elsewhere. 
  • Raising a baby at home with my parents or OH’s parents would be a massive inconvenience to all parties involved.
  • I also love the idea of having my own home when friends/family come over etc.  
  • HOWEVER, can we/I afford this? Things to consider = furniture, nevermind just baby things!
  • I’m so over my head with all of these things, I literally have no realistic idea of what it will be like. 
  • BENEFITS. This will not be my proudest moment, as I’d never wanted to or planned on claiming. But from a different perspective, any help I can get I hope to get in order to provide for a child. 

So that’s the housing issue. And on top of that, I’m currently saving for and planning a little trip to London to see all of my family hopefully, go into London and do exciting things, and see a friend who I haven’t seen in about 8 years, wow, lots to do and think about. Oh my. Updates laterrr. xx


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