Nothing at all.

As the title goes, I probably have nothing at all to report here. Oh sorry, I’ve been a bit achey and my backs been sore but that’s really it and probably all I should be expecting so early.

Oh wait, news flash, I remember something. Now I’m not a healthy person, but I’m not unhealthy as I dont eat ANY fruit or veg. However, for little bean, yesterday I managed four/five a day! Very proud! Subsequently in a few weeks I’ll be throwing up so won’t actually feel any benefit to it all, but oh well.

In other news, the London trip is still on! I’ll be 6 weeks when we go, and I’m hoping I can keep the secret from everyone, but it’s exciting news even if it is early.

And that’s another thing I’m already sick of,  how early it is, not knowing everything’s okay or not even knowing something’s in there. There must be something in there. I HOPE. Aaah, already worrying about this sorta thing. Would love to be further along and seeing the midwife soon.


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