The aftermath..

Actually, there’s not much of an aftermath, I just thought it seemed appropriate. I cried telling my parents last night, and I didn’t even tell them, the words didn’t come out but the crying was apparently sufficient.

The A word was thrown about a bit but no pressure, and they seemed totally calm about the whole thing! What a horrible anxiety build up for nothing, but I’m glad they were so calm about it all.

Right now were thinking about housing, and it looks like we both think a place of our own is the way to go. Which is bizarre, but that’s how it goes I suppose. It will be fun, hopefully 🙂

Now all I need to get through is the next 5 weeks, to see the midwife, then I will be more at ease, even moreso after a scan. Luckily enough, were still going to go to London which will help pass the time and give me something small to look forward to 🙂

More updates later as I have to start work now. Thank god for no back ache today! (so far) xx


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