Commence WW3..

My parents come back from their trip to London tonight, where they’ve been visiting my family, and I’m considering telling them tonight. Bearing in mind the more and more I pluck up the courage to actually tell them tonight, the more and more nervous and sick I feel. I think I’ll probably chicken out last minute, but I luckily enough do have the at times useful, ability  to just blurt things out whether I want to say them or not. 

I say I have this wonderful yet not so wonderful ability, but the last time it actually came into effect was when I had to tell my dad I’d bought, and already set up a home, for a pet tortoise, regardless of him being very strict and adamant there were going to be no. more. pets. And even then, I had my mam’s approval of that so maybe that was a sort of reassurance at the time. Whatever. 

I highly doubt my dad’s going to hear what I have to say and think, oh, just like another tortoise.. it’ll be okay. I’ve debated waiting to tell them but I really just need to know I have their support with this, which I’m sure I will, but this is still scary haha. There are a lot of things to consider that I really just know nothing about, and having them by side would be a massive relief. 

Oh and last but not least, the doc recommended I did another test in a couple days just to see if the line was darkening and this whole thing was progressing.. I’d say it’s darkened. 



Update after all of this kicks off anyway. 


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