The very beginning..

And that’s what this is. This marks the very beginning of my life, or maybe I should say the life that me and the OH have created, that is currently growing inside of me. Yikes!

I found out two days ago, that I was pregnant, after only noticing an ache in my back. A doctors appointment made it seem a little more real (although it doesn’t seem it at all) and a midwife appointment is booked for 6th Feb! Right now I’m in limbo, with a thousand questions that are doing my head in.

His immediate family know and are actually okay with it, some even really excited. And my friend knows (VERY excited) and my sister, who was in shock is finding the whole thing quite funny now! Albeit still concerned..

It’s just the parents, the worst people to tell and to say the least I am petrified. I think I’ll wait a few weeks maybe to tell them. Those are the joys of being twenty, living at home and pregnant.

This is going to be fun.

Roll on 2014 – boobs, bump and baby.


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